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ALEXA USERS:  Alexa works with the MyTuner Android & iOS app and TuneIn. However, TuneIn allowed a different station with the word “Whip” in their name to lay claim to “The Whip Radio” with Alexa commands. We are working on getting our own app that will work with Alexa. Our friend, Phil Koltko, came up with this workaround in the meantime and shared it with us:
Browse to
– Selected “Music, Video and Books”
– Scrolled (way) down to the TuneIn item and clicked it
– That brought up the “browse stations” list, but that had a “search” box. I typed “The whip radio” in the search box (need to enclose it in quotes otherwise there’s so many results it’s impossible to find the right one).
– Made sure my speaker group was selected at the top of the page & clicked on the search result.
Give it a try!  For more information about setting up Alexa with skills read this article:


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